What is Hitting Club? 

Hitting Club is a program that is set up to reward players that put in the extra effort to become better hitters in the off-season.  

Players will track the number of swings they take between 1/2/22 and 4/2/22.  Swings can be tracked and results submitted (weekly or at at the end of the program) using the links found on the right side of this page.  →

Hitting Club Levels:

  • Bronze Level - 3,000 swings (average of 33 swings a day)
  • Silver Level - 4,000 swings (average of 44 swings a day)
  • Gold Level - 5,000 swings (average of 55 swings a day)

What Swings Qualify?

  • Swings may be in the batting cage, off a Tee, soft toss, live pitching, or other hitting drills.  Focus on taking quality swings as much as possible to help learn proper mechanics.  See the "Helpful Videos" tab for ways to help you with taking quality swings.
  • Swings can be on any softball field, basement, batting cage, or safe area to swing a bat.  Swings at practices, pre-game warmups and winter league games also qualify.  See the "Open Gym Dates" for open gym times to get swings in.
  • You are tracking swings taken not balls hit
  • All results must be submitted by 4/9/22 to qualify.
  • Results submitted on the honor system.  Don't cheat yourself and be honest about the effort you put in to get better.

Rewards and Recognition

  • All players that qualify for one of the three hitting club levels will receive a free t-shirt with the names of all qualifying players on the back of the shirt.
  • Players will be recognized at a varsity home game.  Their names will be announced and a banner will be on display listing all players that qualify.
  • Weekly leaders will be recognized on social media. To qualify for the weekly leader your weekly results must be submitted by 3:00 PM on Sunday. 
  • Weekly and overall leaders can also be seen on the leader board tab.  

Social Media

Submit photos or videos of you working on your swing on twitter and tag @otownfastpitch or on Facebook and tag Huskies Fastpitch Club.  Include #HFCHittingClub.